Lonely This Weekend choreographed by April Coady, Suzi Beau & Wil Bos is a 64 count, 2 wall, improver level line dance to ‘Lonely Weekend’ by Bo Walton

Here’s a tutorial video

S1: Chassé, Rock Behind Recover, Chassé, Rock Back Recover
1&2RF step side, LF together, RF step side
3-4LF rock behind, RF recover
5&6LF step side, RF together, LF step side
7-8RF rock back, LF recover [12]

S2: Heel Switches, Clap, Toe Switches, Clap
1&2&RF dig heel forward, RF together, LF dig heel forward, LF together
3-4RF dig heel forward, clap
5&6&RF point side, RF together, LF point side, LF together
7-8RF point side, clap [12]

S3: Sync. Jazz Box Cross, Rock Back Recover, Pivot ½ R
1-2RF cross over, LF step back
&3-4RF step beside on ball foot, LF cross over, RF step side
5-6LF rock back, RF recover
7-8LF step forward, L+R ½ turn right [6]

S4: Shuffle Fwd, Full Turn L, Out Out, Clap, Elvis Knees
1&2LF step forward, RF step beside, LF step forward
3-4RF ½ left step back, LF ½ left step forward
&5-6RF step right forward (out), LF step side (out), clap
7-8RF push knee inward, LF push knee inward [6]

S5: Chassé, Rock Behind Recover, Chassé ¼ L, Reverse Pivot ½ L
1&2LF step side, RF together, LF step side
3-4RF rock behind, LF recover
5&6RF step side, LF together, RF ¼ left step back
7-8LF point back, L+R ½ turn left [9]

S6: Rock Fwd Recover, Coaster, Point x2, Sailor ¼ L
1-2RF rock forward, LF recover
3&4RF step back, LF together, RF step forward
5-6LF point forward, LF point side
7&8LF ¼ left cross behind, RF step beside, LF step slightly forward [6]

S7: Figure Of Eight
1-4RF step side, LF cross behind, RF ¼ right step forward, LF step forward
5-8L+R ½ turn right, LF ¼ right step side, RF cross behind, LF ¼ left step forward [3]

S8: Cross, Point (x2), Jazz Box Cross ¼ R
1-4RF cross over, LF point side, LF cross over, RF point side
5-8RF cross over, LF ¼ right step back, RF step side, LF cross over [6]

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