Here are some comments from our dancers about our dance classes

I absolutely love the classes run by Nicky for the following reasons:

It’s a great way to keep fit and burn those extra calories. I find it very mentally stimulating. Nicky breaks things down into manageable sections and has so much patience and is always happy to keep going over the sections if necessary. She always has a smile and makes you feel welcome. The classes have a great social aspect too. The long termers are full of encouragement and are happy to help out when you go wrong.

I love music in general and love listening and dancing to all types of genres and styles. My only regret is that I didn’t start this 10 years ago.

Martin Norton Laver

Research has shown that dancing to music in the company of others makes people happy – it’s that simple. As you get older, there are fewer opportunities to do so, and, if one arises, you should go for it. I am so glad I did. Dancing makes me happy. Enough said.

Philippa Mackie

I attend Dancezing class because I really enjoy any kind of dancing and as it’s not necessary to have a partner, line dancing is ideal. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone is friendly and welcoming and I wasn’t made to feel silly if I didn’t get to grips with a particular dance straight away. It is also a very enjoyable form of exercise and I look forward to it very week.

Anne Barnes

I love coming dancing and get a real buzz. It’s a great way to keep fit, meet new friends, have fun and is a good stress buster too. We have lots of laughs and smiles along the way learning dances to great music. It really brightens your day! This is all very true, especially from someone who wasn’t sure she’d even like line dancing!

Val Phillips

‘Why do you enjoy line-dancing? What do you get out of it?’ I get asked.

As we get older both body and mind need stimulation if they are not to atrophy. Line dancing is beneficial physically, mentally & spiritually (i.e. socially).

It has been suggested that we should try to walk 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day to keep fit. Line dancing is a pleasurable way of clocking up those steps; a couple of sessions in the week goes a long way towards one’s weekly total. Also, a 5 minute track is good exercise for heart and lungs – thus increasing stamina.

Line dancing gives good mental stimulation. The many dances with their different routines certainly exercise the memory (particularly when facing a different wall). The tracks we dance to are enjoyable and usually very catchy so it is also good mental exercise trying to keep exactly on beat.

It is pleasurable to meet up with a like-minded group of people who enjoy this activity, encourage each other and laugh at their mistakes. Going for long walks and completing Sudoku puzzles gives physical and mental benefit but we also need the sociability of a group activity. (Humans are a gregarious race).

These three facets make me highly recommend line dancing to you.

However, there is one other important factor necessary for one’s enjoyment – a good teacher. We are fortunate in having Nicky, who prompts our memories when we forget how a dance starts and tries to ensure that we all pick up a new dance.


Since starting dancing with Nicky, I really look forward to a Friday night dancing. When I first heard about line dancing, I thought of cowboy boots, Stetson hats and check shirts – everybody dancing with their thumbs in their belt loops of their jeans! Well I’m pleased to say that dancing at Nicky’s is nothing like that. We’re always learning new dances – fast and slow, some from the music charts, so it never becomes dull. If you’re thinking of joining a dance class, this is the one. I promise you, you will love it – and within weeks you too will have the dancing bug!!!

Tara Page

My sister paid for 6 line dancing lessons with Nicky as a present for my birthday! I was worried at first because I had been to a line dance class previously where I felt as if the dancers were all experts and didn’t like beginners. After the first lesson, I was hooked! It is gentle exercise that is fun. Nicky is very patient and the dancers very friendly. I would say to anyone thinking of joining ‘give it a go you’ll love it’.

Anne Harrison

Line dancing is just the best way to keep both brain and body healthy and is such fun. The Tuesday class is especially friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is marvellous. The spirits are certainly lifted and we are continually supported in our efforts to master new dances. We are all made to feel that anything is possible. Personally I just love the music and can often be found singing away to the latest tune. Line dancers are a cheerful lot. The patient instruction that we receive makes for a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the time. We were all beginners once!


I’m not a natural dancer yet line dancing makes me think I can. It is gentle exercise for the mind and the body that anyone can do. I am so busy thinking of the steps that the rest of the world and any problems disappear. Everyone focuses on themselves yet there is a great feeling of camaraderie. Not a cowboy in sight! Lovely range of music and dances.

Claire Purkis

Dancing is a way to keep fit without you even realising you are exercising. Line dancing works your brain as well as your feet and it is great fun. I love the class I attend, the instructor is a really good teacher and gets us giggling through the session as we learn new routines.

Debbie Baxter

I really enjoy line dancing because you can do it on your own, it’s quite addictive, it’s great for concentration and also fab exercise. Best fun ever!! and the instructor is amazing yey!

Alex Parker

Why do I go line dancing? Well as a man to be surrounded by lovely ladies, of course, but seriously, health wise it’s great exercise, great for the memory. Mostly, it is just great fun. The sense of achievement when you learn a new dance, the laughter and smiles, when it does not always go how you expected. The friendliness of the people no matter what age, the support and patience of everyone. The sheer joy of movement to music. Can’t hear some tunes now on the radio without wanting to break into the routine we’ve learnt to that tune.


I come to dance because it frees my spirit – especially on a good day when I can remember all the steps! When your feet won’t do what your brain tells them – remember they will one day. You don’t need a partner. Nicky’s choice of dances are just the right kind of challenge – good for fitness and brain! Nick’s patience and good humoured sense of fun appear to be limitless even when I’m dancing like a zombie! When you find a dance you love and you love its music too it really doesn’t get any better than that!

Maureen Fautley

I needed some ‘me’ time. Having had a trial session at a W.I. evening I thought this would be just the thing. A friend and I joined together, it is now the thing I most look forward to during the week. Such great music, patient teacher who has actually succeeded in convincing me I can do the steps and a fun, friendly group of people. Advice for newcomers – it seems difficult but, there is no pressure, and eventually, it does come! I still panic sometimes but no-one minds if you go wrong and there is always someone to offer a smile and a helping foot!

Ann Jones

I come to line dancing because it’s a fun way to keep fit. I tried the gym and it was very boring but there’s nothing boring about line dancing. The music is good and the dances stretch the body and the mind. Not only that but it’s good socially and we have an enjoyable time. I recommend dancing.

Kay Veryard

I so enjoy line dancing with Nicky. She is an excellent teacher. She takes time to explain the steps to new dancers as well as making everybody feel welcome and positive, even when we make mistakes. Experienced dancers and new dancers alike forget a step or part of a routine and, rarely, even Nicky will forget a step (which is not surprising as she teaches so many different classes and dances. Although i have an inkling this is just to make us feel ‘normal’!)

Line dancing is good for our health, it keeps us physically fit and it keeps the brain working hard (remembering the steps and routines). Best of all it is a lot of fun and the music covers all genres. It is not about Country & Western music with cowboy boots and stetsons as some people I have spoken to think it is.

Line dancing offers an opportunity to switch off from a frantic life, do something new and different, keep fit and have FUN

Hazel Moore

I did line dancing at my daughter’s school about 25 years ago. The girls and parents loved it. Back to the now, my husband died suddenly a year ago. It has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. Then Penny who is a carer for my mother suggested I give line dancing a try.

So glad I did. I love the music, love the steps but mostly it is something you can take at your own pace. Nicky makes it look so easy! Being a beginner I find I can follow and I get worried that I am not doing it right she reminds us it is fun, and it is! I have met some very interesting people and have been made to feel very welcome. I have never felt inadequate, quite the reverse and most of all I feel happy when in the class and a bonus my sciatica is better!

Margaret Smith

I love to dance, it keeps you fit, it gets your brain working, hopefully down to your feet! šŸ˜‰ It’s great to see your friends every week. Plus we have a very good teacher who makes it such fun!

Jill Rossiter

I don’t like the gym, I don’t like to run, I’m not a high flyer, but I do love to dance around the house! I am not creative or arty, so line dancing is my artistic outlet. I have always wanted to dance and to learn a proper sequence of steps. I am so busy concentrating, all other thoughts disappear and at the end of the lesson, I have a real sense of achievement – for once! The added bonus is the lovely people who come to the classes – it is such a treat.

Marie Kent

Dancing keeps you fit whilst you are having such good fun it does not feel like exercise. The music is so catchy you go home singing the songs. You also meet lots of really friendly people. It is so sociable, not just an exercise class. You can go as far and as fast in progression as suits you.

Pauline Miles

I came to the line dance classes as it is something I like very much and one does not need a partner. I also thought it would help my brain and balance. I find you have to remember the steps hence you need a lot of concentration, but at the same time have fun and laughter. I found I have made a lot of new friends who have become good friends and I find the social nights help you to bond.

Julia Pereira

Great way to exercise both the body and mind (if you don’t concentrate your feet do all the wrong things). It’s completely absorbing – forget the outside world, enjoy yourself, dance, laugh and make new friends. I’ve been dancing on and off for about 15 years and still enjoy it. Lots of challenges. Advice: don’t give up – keep on learning and dancing.


Not only is it great fun it is a good work out for the mind and body. Friendly people. Local. Very patient teacher.


I come line dancing because i love to dance and line dancing does not need a partner (husband is not keen on dancing), it is the most enjoyable way of keeping fit, it is good for my osteoporosis. Line dancers are friendly and happy to help if you cannot remember the steps, nobody worries if you forget the steps – dance classes are just for fun, there is always a feeling of being part of a ‘line dance family. If you have never danced before don’t worry our teacher (Nicky) will carefully walk through every dance and make sure you are surrounded by people you can follow. I always come out of a line dance session feeling happy.

Yvonne Sachs

The dance classes are a way of meeting new people. I really enjoy the dances and the teacher explains the new dances very clearly. It is a really enjoyable place to be.

Carol Morgan

Dancing keeps you fit whilst you are having such good fun it does not feel like exercise. The music is so catchy you go home singing the songs. You also meet lots of really friendly people. It is so sociable, not just an exercise class. You can go as far and as fast in progression as suits you.

Mark Wiles

To me three words say it all: Fun! Fitness! Friends!

Angela Watkins

I really like line dancing as it keeps me fit, improves my memory skills and its so fun. I love all the different music we dance to from old to new and everything in between!! Nicky is such a brilliant teacher, she breaks down all the dances into small chunks so it’s really easy to pick up a new dance, she is so patient no matter how many times she has to go over dance steps with us! Everyone is really friendly so if you have no one who wants to try modern line dance with you, just come on your own, I do! You get a real buzz when you have picked up a new dance

Carmel Darling

I come line dancing because it is good exercise for both the mind (trying to remember the steps) and the body, great music, very enjoyable and sociable.

Frances Allen

I first heard about line dancing years ago and went along to a class with a friend. I thought I’d never be able to do it! Now I love it and miss it if I can’t attend. The Dancezing classes I go to are more like meeting with friends, getting together and having fun. The exercise, mental stimulation and laughter is an added bonus. Also my granddaugthers are really impressed when I can dance to their favourite songs. I’m almost ‘groovy’!! Nicky, our teacher, is patient when introducing us to a new dance and will explain and show us the steps until we’ve got them. As mentioned, I’ve been line dancing for years now and never got tired of it. Learning a new dance is always tricky, but the satisfaction when I ‘get it’ is great. Go on, have a go, you’ll meet new friends and soon be ‘hooked’ like me.



I come to exercise my body and brain in a fun manner. I did not come to find a partner, but I found one, bonus!!!! The teacher is friendly. A lot of the fellow dancers are now firm friends. Thank you so much Nicky and family

Christine H

I haveĀ attended line Dancezing for over 6 years and find it is a great way to exercise as well as meet new people. Our classes are not the ‘big Stetsons and cowboy boots’ that many assume line dancing classes to be, but rather a modern twist with all ages working well together and lessons for all levels so nobody feels out of their depth

Tara Page

I started line dancing about 8 months ago – really unsure what to expect as had never tried it before. It totally opened my eyes to what an enjoyable and fun time can be had attending the classes. Everybody is so sociable and it is never a problem if you do not get the steps the first time, everybody has their moments and Nicky will always help you 100%, never makes you feel uncomfortable about it and everyone has a giggle together.Ā It is a great form of exercise and also helps with memory, learning the various dances.

Am disappointed when I am unable to attend, never thought this would be for me but I have a really great time

Pauline Goatley

I love my line dancing classes and look forward to Wednesday evenings every week. The atmosphere is very relaxed, it’s a great way to make new friends and its FUN! Who cares if you go wrong now and then, it’s all part of the learning process and it gives fellow dancers a chuckle! It’s my way of keeping fit – who needs the gym when you can DANCE?

Lynda Allen

I began because of the exercise and thought I would never do it! It is lovely company each week and the teacher makes it interesting with a sense of humour. After my holiday on a cruise in the Loire, my back aches as there is more sitting and standing listening to the guides, but I am sure that the exercise at dance class will do me good!

Diana Martin

When I started line dancing over 25 years ago I had also started a diet and the dancing helped me to keep the weight off. I have met and still have some lovely friends through dancing. I absolutely love line dancing, keeps you trim, makes you use your memory and brain and socially it’s good for you. Last year I had a big operation and couldn’t dance for months, my big goal and aim was to get ft and back to dancing again – I am now dancing 3 times a week. The other point I must mention is we dance to some lovely music – very varied

Thelma Byrne

I love to dance. I don’t want to have to have a partner, so line dancing seemed the best style of dance to learn. It also keeps your mind and body fit. Have been line dancing for years & returned to it after a full hip replacement and now attend Nicky’s Wednesday evening class. The music is great, we have fun, fellow dancers are lovely and our teacher is superb. Come along, have a try, you won’t regret it. One of the dances we do is called ‘Better When I’m Dancing’ and………..I am. What’s that text ‘thing’, LOL: laugh out loud? I do, every session!

Valerie Creasey

I come to line dancing because it’s great exercise, physical and mental, lots of fun and I love the music

Chris Freeman

I have always loved dancing but had never done line dancing before. I really enjoy it and find it really good exercise without being too vigorous. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some lovely people. I must add that the atmosphere at our Thursday morning class is absolutely fantastic. The teacher explains and demonstrates each dance so well and shows enormous patience without making us feel under pressure. I also love the variety of dances and the music. If anybody is thinking of doing line dancing, come along and I promise that you will enjoy every minute and continue to do line dancing.

Doris Downes

I like line dancing for so many reasons. You do not have to have a partner. You do not have to be an expert – starting at the beginning and working up is the pleasure of dancing. You will, hopefully, be enjoying the dancing so much that any mistakes will be something for you to laugh about, not cry about. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Age doesn’t matter, size doesn’t matter. The dances are fun and it gives you real pleasure to be able to dance all the way through because you have learned the routine. The music is great. The teacher is great

Lesley Hollands

Line dancing is a sure way to exercise your body and your mind as well as making friends with some extraordinary and talented people.

Caroline Whiteley

I love line dancing as it’s such a fun way to exercise and meet new people. Gentle or more physical, you get out what you put in. Lovely to get your exercise in an unpressurised environment where fun is as important, if not more so, than anything else.

Sue Feichter

I thought my dancing days were over until I found Dancezing! A great opportunity to express yourself, while taking exercise


I enjoy line dancing because it occupies your mind totally. It makes you work your brain to enable you to memorise routines and helps with your balance. The dances do not necessarily need to be fast to appreciate the workout, as the challenge is with your memory! I’m exhausted by the time the routine is finished and I have also had a fit of the giggles getting there. Simply fun all round

Ziggy Brignall

Music and dance have been in my family – my father was a brilliant musician & he won many awards but tragically died at a very early age (41). I have danced in troupes for jobs around the world. I LOVE to dance. Whenever I feel down, music helps and it expresses freedom. It makes me feel young again and above all it helps keep me fit and healthy. You also make new friends. I feel so happy to have found Nicky’s class. If you haven’t danced you should try it. It’s great and I LOVE it

Jackie Cuell

It requires more oxygen to dance rather than to sit and watch tele and I am told this is good for my brain and delays the decaying process – just don’t ask me who the PM is! I think there’s a new tablet for this now but I’d rather dance, I don’t like swallowing tablets.

The concentration required to dance the ‘right’ steps for each dance transports me into a whole different world, (similar to drawing and painting but uses up more calories). You forget the washing/ironing you didn’t do, the shopping list, the back ache……….all the boring stuff that gets in the way of enjoying yourself. In fact if you do your shopping list first your darling husband/partner will do the shopping whilst you dance, then it Win, Win! I am soo………lucky!

It is a joy and very humbling to see line dancers of all abilities come together on social dance nights and linedance weekends. Some overcome huge hardships to keep up their dancing into their 90’s so we have no excuse.

You meet lovely ‘like minded’ people. I have made so many dance friends.

Learning how dancing should be done helps me with my dance paintings. It is really difficult getting the ‘weight’ right in a painting so the dancer doesn’t look as if she is falling over whilst retaining the feeling of movement

It all started with line dancing over 20 years ago when I couldn’t play tennis anymore after 3 knee ops. Now I have added ballet, flamenco, Latin and ballroom to my repertoire. I don’t profess to to excel at any of them, I just enjoy them AND it all started with line dance!

Diana King

Dancezing is a time just for me – no husband, children or grandchildren needing my attention. It is such a friendly group & no-one could ever feel left out. It helps keep me fit but more to the point it really makes the brain cells work remembering (or often not, in my case) the routines. It is always fun and even if I am tired and have had a busy day I am always glad I went out as I feel so much better afterwards. Andy says I am always happy on Wednesday nights! Needless to say I really enjoy it!

Hazel Milcoy