Are there classes available for all levels?

Yes! There are classes available for absolute beginners, beginners, improvers and intermediate level dancers.

If you try a class and find it is too challenging, don’t let it put you off, try a class at a lower level. Similarly, if you find a class too easy, try one at higher level. If you are not sure which class to try feel free to contact me.

Check out our class timetable which lists all of our classes and which level they are aimed towards.

What is the age range?

Line dancing can be enjoyed by all ages. Our classes cater for adults, however children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

The age range of our dancers is from 17 years to 80+ years. You don’t stop dancing because you grow old – you grow old because you stop dancing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will I be able to dance even if I have two left feet?

Yes! Where there is a will there is a way. The important thing is to be patient and don’t give up. People learn at different paces. Don’t be hard on yourself. Relax, have fun and laugh a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Practise makes perfect.

If you have never danced before you could join a ‘new beginner’s’ class where no experience is necessary – just a sense of humour!

The dance routines are broken down into manageable sections and we build up gradually. You should be able to feel that you are really dancing a routine once you reach week 5.

Do men line dance?

Oh yes! Real men do – and women love men who can dance ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have a good number of menย who attend our dance classes.

What music do you dance to?

People are often surprised when they come to our classes because they think that line dancing is to just Country music but we love dancing to a variety of music genres.

We dance to pop, (including the latest chart hits), rock, Latin, Irish, rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s, 70’s, country and more. There should be something to suit everyone!

What is salsa solo?

Our ‘salsa solo’ classes enable you to dance salsa without a partner.

If you would like to learn authentic salsa steps but do not have a partner or do not want to dance with a stranger this is the perfect class for you.

Do I have to book the class in advance or can I just come along?

You are welcome to just come along, however, it may be best to check availability of the class first. Feel free to contact me.