Rebel Just For Kicks choreographed by Ria Vos is a 32 count, 4 wall, improver level line dance to the music track ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal, The Man

Here’s a tutorial video


R Crossing Toe Strut, L Side Rock, L Crossing Toe Strut, Side Rock
1-2 Cross on R Toe Over L, R Heel Down
3-4 Rock L to L Side, Recover on R
5-6 Cross on L Toe Over R, L Heel Down
7-8 Rock R to R Side, Recover on L

Diagonal Kicks x2, Point, Monterey ¼ R, Point, Flick Behind, Side, Touch
1-2 Kick R Fwd to L Diagonal x2
3-4 Point R to R Side, ¼ Turn R Step R Next to L
5-6 Point L to L Side, Flick L Behind R
7-8 Step L to L Side, Touch R Next to L

Side, Together, Side, Touch, Step Fwd, Touch Behind, Step Back, Lock
1-2 Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R
3-4 Step R to R Side, Touch L Next to R
5-6 Step Fwd on L, Touch R Behind L Heel
7-8 Step Back on R, Lock L Over R

Back, Hook, Step, Scuff, Step Pivot ½ L x2
1-2 Step Back on R, Hook L Over R
3-4 Step Fwd on L, Scuff R Fwd
5-6 Step Fwd on R, Pivot ½ Turn L
7-8 Step Fwd on R, Pivot ½ Turn L