Every Time She Walks By choreographed by Heather Barton is a 48 count, 2 wall, improver level line dance

Here’s a tutorial video

[1-8] Step right ½ pivot, Shuffle ½, Rock left back, left kick ball point right
1-2 Step forward on right, make ½ turn over left shoulder
3&4 Step right ¼ left, step left beside right, step right ¼ left
5-6 Rock back left foot, rec right
7&8 Kick left foot forward, step onto ball of left, point right to right side (12 oclock)

[9-16] Walk fwd right & left, Right shuffle forward, Step left ¼, Cross shuffle left
1-2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4 Step right forward, step left to right, step forward right
5-6 Step left forward, ¼ turn right
7&8 Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right
(Alternative step for count 1&2, ½ turn over left shoulder x2 on wall 3) (3 oclock)

[17-24] Syncopated side rocks Right & Left, Step Right ½, step right 1/4
1,2& Rock right to right side, rec left & bring right to left
3,4& Rock left to left side, rec right & bring left to right
5-6 Step right forward, pivot ½ left
7-8 Step right forward ¼ pivot left (weight on left) (6 oclock)

[25-32] Right jazz box, Cross rock right, side rock right
1-2 Cross right over left, step back left
3-4 Step right to right side, step left beside right
5-6 Cross right over left, rec left
7-8 Rock right to right side, rec left (Restart wall 5) (6 oclock)

[33-40] Heel & Toes switch, Toes & heel switch ¼ turn, Step heel split, Jump back R L & Clap x2
1&2 Tap right heel forward, tap left toes back
&3&4 ¼ turn left bring left beside right, tap right toe back, tap left heel forward
&5&6 Bring left beside right, step right forward split both heels out & in
&7&8 Jump back right then left (weight on Left) clap hands twice (3 oclock)

[41-48] Walk forward Right & Left, right Heel grind ¼, Behind side cross, step left side, brush right
1-2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3-4 Step right heel forward turn heel ¼ right, step left to left side
5&6 Step right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
7-8 Step left to left side, brush right foot forward (6 oclock)

Restart on wall 5 (Instrumental) dance first 32 counts start dance again facing 6 Oclock

Ending facing front wall after brush forward do 2 pivot half turns or a rocking chair