Missing is a 32 count, 4 wall, improver level line dance choreographed by Heather Barton to a track of the same name by William Michael Morgan

Step Sheet

Restart on Wall 5 after 16 counts (see note at bottom of script)

[1-8] Side Chasse Right, Rock Back, Side Left, right behind, ball cross step side
1&2Step right to right side, step left beside right, step right to right side
3-4Rock left foot back, recover right
5-6Step left to left side, place right behind left
&7-8bring left beside right, cross right over left, step left to left side

[9-16] Rock back, Side right touch left, Left kick ball cross, Side Rock left
1-2Rock back right, recover left
3-4Step right to right side, touch left beside right
5&6Kick left foot forward, step beside right, cross right over left
7-8Rock left to left side, recover right ****** see note

[17-24] Sailor ¼ left, Shuffle right forward, Rock forward left, ¾ shuffle turn left
1&2¼ turn left, step left foot behind, step right to right side, step left foot forward
3&4Step right forward, step left beside right, step right forward
5-6Rock forward left, recover right
7&8½ turn left step left forward, ¼ turn step right beside left, step left beside right

[25-32] (Figure of 8) Side , Behind, ¼ turn, step pivot ½, ¼ turn, behind right, ¼ step left
1-2Step right to right side, cross left behind right
3-4¼ turn right step forward, step forward left
5-6Pivot ½ turn right, ¼ turn step left to left side
7-8cross right behind left, ¼ turn left step left forward

Restart: after 16 counts on WALL 5 (you will be facing the front wall)
Dance up to count 15 (side rock left and change the recover to touch right)