Oops is a 32 count, 4 wall, improver level line dance choreographed by Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick to ‘Oops’ by Little Mix ft. Charlie Puth

Step Sheet

[1-8] R/L fwd step touches with snaps, R fwd rock/recover, travelling back R/ L apart, R/L together
1-2 Step R forward on right diagonal, touch L together (click fingers)
3-4 Step L forward on left diagonal, touch R together (click fingers)
5-6 Rock R forward, recover weight on L
&7  Step R back and apart, step L out
&8  Step R back, step L together (weight on L)

[9-16] R back rock/recover, R fwd shuffle, L fwd, ¼ R pivot turn, L cross shuffle
1-2  Rock R back, recover weight on L
3&4 Step R forward, step L together, step R forward
5-6  Step L forward, pivot ¼ right (3 o’clock)
7&8 Cross step L over R, step R side, cross step L over R
WALL 6 RESTART: During wall 6 which starts facing right side wall, restart the dance here facing back wall

[17-24] R & L side switches, R & L heel switches, R fwd rock/recover, ¼ R ball cross ball cross
1&  Touch R to R side, step R together
2&  Touch L to L side, step L together
3&  Touch R heel forward, step R together
4&  Touch L heel forward, step L together
5-6 Rock R forward, recover weight on L
&7  Turning ¼ right step R side, cross step L over R (6 o’clock)
&8  Step R side, cross step L over R

[25-32] R side, hold (drag L together), L back, R cross step, L side, R sailor, ¼ L toaster
1-2& Step R side, hold (drag left in), step L back
3-4   Cross step R over L, step L side
5&6  Cross step R behind L, step L side, step R side
7&8  Turning ¼ left step L back, step R together, step L forward (3 o’clock)

ENDING: During final wall which starts facing back wall, complete the dance, OMITTING the final turn to remain facing the front wall