Electric Slide is a great dance for beginners – 4 wall, 18 counts

 Step Sheet

Grapevine Right with a touch, Grapevine left with a touch
1 – 4 Step right to the side, step left behind right, step right to the side, touch left toe next to right
5 – 8 Step left to the side, step right behind left, step left to the side, touch right toe next to left

Walk back, Rock Forward and Back With a Toe Touch
1 – 3 Walk back right, left, right
4 Tap left toe forward
5 – 6 Rock forward onto your left foot, then tap your right foot behind.
7 – 8 Rock back onto your right foot, then tap your left foot forward
Quarter Turn Left , Scuff
1 -2 With your left foot, take a step forward as you turn your body ¼ turn left, scuff the right foot (a scuff is where you knock the heel of the foot against the floor)
Start again

Here’s the promotional video fort the track ‘Electric Boogie’ by Marcia Griffiths which is fun to watch